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The Mission of TerraSante Village

Terra means earth, Sante means sacred, from Latin roots - "Sacred Earth".

TerraSante Village is a nonprofit community dedicated to experiments in sustainable living in the challenging environment of the Arizona Sonoron desert.

This mission views TerraSante Village as a laboratory/community resource for projects in permaculture and locally sustainable agriculture, ecologic housing, solar and renewable energy, water conservation, community development, personal and social software for healthy community, etc.

Living and working within local community we share experiences/information with the worldwide community of others interested in creating adaptive strategies for dealing with climate change. The mission includes education, service, collaboration.

Minimizing our CO2 impact is a key part of our mission.

Sustainability is the practical ability to satisfy the basic needs of today while ensuring the ability of future generations to do the same. 

A sustainable society exists such that the ways of living and the patterns of activity of its members are in harmony with the inherent ability of nature to maintain life.

We seek creative, knowledgable, skilled persons interested in supporting TerraSante Village and/or Terrasante Community as volunteers & members. contact

We seek partners of substance and vision who, like us, are dedicated to sustainability for planet earth - and her children.  Also see Call to Action...

TerraSante Village became an Arizona non profit in 2008, and a 501c3 in 2011.