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Call to Action -

  - for sustainability policy at all levels of human endeavor- from Wall Street, to US and state lawmakers, and on the roofs, backyards & garages of every American! In Europe, solar policies with price guarantees have facilitated the development and deployment of solar farms, with many small scale entrepreuners getting into power generation. It resulted in wealth flowing towards the many, the local, and a dramatic rapid rise in Photovoltaic capacity. Much more could be done to stop CO2 rise sooner. The results of CO2 rise are already to be found in the fossil record. We face a mass extinction level of global crisis. Crisis means change in the opportunities, and prudent action to sustain. Our policy makers need people to tell them so. (also see www.cbc.ca and chicagocleanpower.org)

  - for rapid intensive development of decentralized/locally renewable power generation with grid tie capabilities. This would add infrastructure security, and decrease fossil fuel use. The southwest US could easily generate power for itself and the whole USA with the proper will to do so. Instead of war machines at a zillion dollars each, we should be building sustainable infrastructure. True Homeland Security means energy independence and sustainability policy. (also see businessweek.com)

  - for rapid transition of conversion to electric vehicular travel. Much of the US CO2 emissions are the result of transporatation activity. Our leaders should be facilitating such an electric development. Leadership on the dole and the entrenched economic interests feeding them have often keep old paradigm money makers in business despite clear demand for change. Americans should have a clear choice to vote sustainable with their $ when buying a car. (also see eaaev.org and wikipedia.org)

  - for deployment of solar furnaces for silica refinement. This desert is full of sand, which is the raw ingredient in silicon-based photovoltaics. We need as many PV's as possible to capture the sun's energy and store it as electrical energy. Most roofs should be covered with PV's. It's stupid to use fossil fuel energy to refine the massive amount of silica into PV's. Silica could be refined at greatly reduced carbon dioxide emission levels using the sun. Self-replicating power plant robot-schemas could create the power plants themselves. (also see solar breeders, iop.org)

  - for research & development of new and improved methods of utilizing solar hot water- it is abundant, inexpensive, low level energy that is easily captured/stored. Do varieties of heat engines exist that if minaturized to nano scales could convert such heat to electric? Such technology adapted to films and covers could become a portable electric power generator device/insulation cover to capture energy that's otherwise a heat loss. (also see phononic technology)

  - for exploring ways of taking carbon in the atmosphere and getting carbon back in the ground ASAP. Prehistorically, Earth left on it's own took many 10's of thousands of years to get the CO2 back in the ground. Let's start now! Plants create carbon biomass from air, which can provide structure and insulation for buildings (cob,straw bale,reed, forest, etc), animal feed, compost, mulch, and soil. We should ideally be locking carbon up in this way. We all need to think about what we can do to minimize the amount of air bound carbon we produce on a daily basis. Life is full of choices at every moment...(see also carbon sequestration, Biosequestration)

  - for development of mesquite and other existing native plants as viable food resources, as well as naturalization of certain plants for food and medicinal use. We consider mesquite as an agricultural commodity. Many of the native foods posess health giving properties. Wide spread use by the Oodham people with this high fiber/low glycemic traditional food would reduce the cost and suffering from a 90% diabetes incidence. (also see sciencedirect.com and food.oregonstate.edu)

  - for widespread sharing of positive thinking, possibility generating, community creating, human brain based software that is the cutting edge of neuroscience research. It begins to define the health practices for happiness. Teaching children skills of collaboration are more likely to lead to win/win outcomes, and increase the overall happiness quotient. Intention process, mindfullness practices, musical practices, and brain exercises become the new "fun" and games, and improved quality of life the outcome. (also see The Economics of Happiness, UA happiness lectures, intention process and partnership principles)

  - for low cost/free access and instruction world wide to fertility control. Population and climate change, pressures are likely to promote further ecologic degradation and hunger. We should value highly our most precious resource, human life. Our children should not live in poverty and hunger, or lack for health care. Their well being and education should be our highest priority. Human life should not be treated as a commodity to be exploited by groups of other humans, nor their Artificial Intelligent machines that may soon exist. Slavery was outlawed in the USA many years ago, but the magic and amorality of money merely exports economic slavery beyond view. See how in-Story of stuff . Localizing currencies minimize the impact. The choices we make at the store every day help create the world we get.