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Visitor Info

TerraSante Village does invite people for brief to extended visits.  Please contact us before you visit.

For any visits please be clear about what you hope to learn/contribute, and for how long you wish to visit.  For more than a brief visit a resume/statement of intention is requested.  We will invite you to visit if it seems mutually of benefit.

Those who participate are expected to support our mission and ongoing projects at TerraSante Village.  Also see our wish list.

Visitors are responsible for their own safety, and for any children and pets.  All must sign a release form (TerraSante Village Agreement) if working or staying for more than a short time, and abide by our neighborhood agreement.

Courtesy and respect in all relations here.  Quiet hours 10 pm to 8 am.  Drug-free is our policy.  No smoking in or around community buildings.  Pets may not roam, and must be attended at all times.  No guns at TerraSante.  People are expected to clean up after themselves, and then some. 

About Us

TerraSante Village is a living laboratory for sustainability. We are nonprofit. We support our local and nonlocal community with information, education, inspiration, tools, resources, materials, and sometimes labor. We live semi-communally, sharing kitchen, bath, and common areas. We have resident and non resident members. We are seeking volunteers, members, and partners of like vision and substance. Projects include ferrocement, earth architecture, native seed/plant propagation, gardening/greenhouses, soil building/composting, water catchment, solarification, oasification, and a variety of interesting solar projects.
TerraSante Village exists on 8.4 acres.

Terrasante Community is a diverse neighborhood of eclectic individuals, families, Kokopelli Gardens ,  and the nonprofits TerraSante Village and Harmony and Health Foundation. We collaborate on roads, projects, erosion control, well water, agriculture, events, farmers markets, sustainability, permaculture, esoteric science, healing, art, and spirituality.
Terrasante Community exists on about 160 acres of land.

Terrain & Desert Climate

Also see local weather and climate data from NWS.

Located on 8.4 acres near Robles Jct., Arizona. Gently sloping, elevation 2450ft/735m. Mostly a Mesquite bean forest/recovering grassland.

Winter - Mostly sunny & dry with occasional rain.  Cold at night (-7C, 20-40F), often just below freezing, and usually warms up nicely during the day (50-70F, 21C).  Can get very windy!

Summer - Mostly sunny & dry, frequent short rainstorms during July & August.  Can get very hot during the day (90-110F, 43C), and cools down at night (60-80F, 27C).

Clothing in layers is always a good idea, along with a sun hat and plenty of drinking water in hot weather.

For safety, and minimizing our impact on the desert, please stay on roadways & designated paths.  There is ongoing construction, open ditches, and cactus.  In summer we encounter rattlesnakes, scorpions, spiders.  At night, a good flashlight or headlamp is essential.

Local resources

Roble's Junction / Three Points (west 3 miles) - Gas station, cafe, hardware & dollar stores.

Tucson, Arizona (east 20 miles) - Pima County commuter bus (one round trip each weekday)

Nearby - Avra Valley, Altar Valley, Sierrita Mountains, Sonoran Desert Museum, Saguaro National Park, Tucson Mountain Park, Tohono O'odham Nation, Kitt Peak Observatory, Old Tucson Studios etc.

Also see Contact Us for driving directions and maps.