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Donate to TerraSante Village

Ongoing work at TerraSante Village is supported by donations and participation in many forms.  We have both supporting, resident, and non-resident members.  We seek partnerships with like-minded people who can help with completing our mission.

We need donors/members for building earthbag bedrooms.

Looking for land partners of substance and vision to help build more housing.

If you'd like to contribute your talents, please email: info at terrasante.org;  

If you'd like to donate needed items below please contact Jim: jkrothers at gmail dot com, or info at terrasante.org   - Thank you!

Needed Stuff

Building Materials

  • Rebar, mesh, metal conduit
  • metal & tile roofing
  • good lumber and pallets
  • sheet metal, steel
  • windows and glass doors
  • pipe, hot water tanks
  • latex paint- exterior
  • Garden Needs

  • pickup truck
  • trailers for hauling
  • bobcat or backhoe
  • fencing & chicken wire
  • greenhouse plastic, shade cloth
  • canvas, cotton, hemp
  • garden tools, wheelbarrows
  • rocks and gravel
  • Project Materials

  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Parabolic satellite dishes
  • Mirrors, glass, mylar film,
  • Copper pipes & tubing
  • Solar lawn lights
  • nuts, bolts, misc. hardware
  • Tools for the Workshop

  • Welding equipment
  • power tools, tools for metal work and machining
  • Hand tools
  • Office/Other

  • computor projector
  • Copy machine
  • large flat screen
  • Working Computors