TerraSante Village is a nonprofit community dedicated to experiments in sustainable living in the challenging environment of the Arizona Sonoran desert. It is a laboratory/community resource for projects in permaculture and locally sustainable agriculture, ecologic housing, solar and renewable energy, water conservation, and community development.

Sustainability is the practical ability to satisfy the basic needs of today while ensuring the ability of future generations to do the same. A sustainable society exists such that the ways of living and the patterns of activity of its members are in harmony with the inherent ability of nature to maintain life.

TerraSante Village became an Arizona non profit in 2008, and a 501c3 in 2011.

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Projects at Terrasante

Ferrocement Water Tank

This ferrocement water tank for the community well water storage will plaster Read More

Funnel Gardens

The Funnel Garden Project originated in the Sonoran Desert west of Tucson, Read More

Harmonic Chapel

The Harmonic Chapel was completed in 2012. At baseline it is a Read More

Permaculture Habitat

We are creating Shady Grove as a wildlife sanctuary that provides shade, Read More

Solar Water Heater

Solar water heaters — also called solar domestic hot water systems — Read More




The TerraSante Experiment Local residents work to live in harmony with the environment west of Tucson by Arizona Public Media.

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Bruce’s Update 28 Oct 2015


Tom Mendola, is the steward of the Harmony and Health Foundation, a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to connecting people working together for peace and healing. Harmony and Health has land that is adjacent to TerraSante Village, there creating sacred space for healing and ceremony including the Harmonic Chapel, Bahkti Garden, tipi, and fire circle. Tom believes enlightenment is our natural evolutionary destiny, and the practice of sustainable community is one key toward this realization.

The old Terrasante web site not only for historical purposes, full of information.

Terrasante member Jim’s website about his ideas for wind and solar energy: picpower.org


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