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TerraSante Village Timeline

  • 2000 Bruce buys property, yurt erected, Ancient Images Sculpture studio going
  • 2001 1st earthbag experiment- "kiva" house built by volunteers, main house under construction
  • 2002 Construction of main house continues
  • 2003 Construction of hybridome, construction of main house continues, founding of boneyard
  • 2004 Terrasante name shows up. Main house permit finalled.
  • 2005 Solar Bob shows up, along with many solar projects, electric bikes,cars, etc. 1st website up.
  • 2006 Intention process/Tony burroughs visits, interesting manifestations result, rainbow of young folk show up in droves.
  • 2007 Outdoor kitchen added, garden expansions, pole barn construction ensues. Bruce reads dire science of climate prediction, gets inspired. Fruit trees planted all over. Shade and sheds for tools and projects erected in boneyard. 2nd website evolving.
  • 2008 Founding of TSV non profit: Bruce, Rick, and help from Amy Belanger. Paperwork troubles with the county. Rainbow family departs. Garden expansions continue. Work on Harmonic Chapel begins.
  • 2009 Work on gardens, barn, greenhouses, solar projects volunteers come and go. Renovation nation films TSV segment. Magic Bus toilet completed.
  • 2010 Solar projects continue, cleanup of property, plants and permaculture ongoing, .
  • 2011 TSV gets 501c3. Paperwork troubles with county resolved. Gardens, greenhouses and permaculture ongoing. Arizona Illustrated films TSV segment
  • 2012 Harmonic Chapel bell is casted,1st sacred ceremony at winter solstice. Another greenhouse.
  • 2013 Harmonic Chapel outer shell plastered, consecration ceremonies. Porch addition to back of house.
  • 2014 New website mounted, rainwater cistern......