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TerraSante Village Projects

Projects in progress, or planned

Solar/misc. projects include a solar shower water heater, a solar furnace (about 1000 watts) that we used to run a steam boiler & engine, (which also works as a toaster), solar oven, solar dehydrator, wind turbine, etc. We would like to build some larger solar furnaces(10,000 watts) and maybe be gifted some heat engines to convert to electric, We plant to build a solar water still, and add more solar hot water capacity. We plan to build a mesquite hammer mill, and experiment more with wind turbines. It would also be cool to create more solar and bicycle power gadgets for the kitchen.
We would like to solarize our well with a photovoltaic back up system, and we must find $20,000 to do so.


Earth architecture experiments with building methods like earthbag, cob, ferrocement, etc. and traditional shelter like yurts and tipis.  Our goals are housing that is low cost, energy efficient, attractive, long lasting, of locally available materials, bioharmonic, and minimizing long term carbon footprint. We are presently engaged in the architectural design and soon construction of earthbag housing. We will at some point soon again be hosting regular earthbag building workshops.


Water catching Planning to construct 3000+ gallons of rainwater stoarge of ferrocement to capture rain water from the main building, in conjunction Also plans to construct a 20,000+ gal.ferrocement well water storage tank. We will at some point soon be hosting regular ferrocement building workshops.