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Neighborhood Agreement

In as much as the name Terrasante means sacred earth, members agree to the protection of our local environment and the preservation of qualities of life we enjoy here such as peace, quiet, clean air and water, and beautiful views.  At Terrasante we commit to the following guidelines in our relationships to one another and to the land entrusted to us:

Peace - First and foremost, we agree to mutual respect towards one another, honest and open communications, and community values of providing assistance and participation in cooperative ventures.

Noise - We agree to refrain from creating excessive noise and nuisance disruption to the peace.  This would include loud music or other disquiet between the hours of 10pm and 6am, barking dogs, cockadoodling roosters, the operation of noisy vehicles such as ATV's and dirt-bikes back and forth, and firearm target shooting or superfluous discharge.  We also agree to notify neighbors and the neighborhood association of any special events or celebrations which could conflict with a noise curfew.

Clean Air - We agree to refrain from burning of domestic trash or rubbish.  We agree to limit the use and release of volatile organic solvents, excessive generation of fumes and dangerous gases, and creation of toxic dusts.  This would not infringe on the burning of clean wood in an occasional campfire, sweat lodge, raku firing, or other project.  Residents agree to consider solar or other alternative energy to the utilization of wood as a primary heating source.

Toxics - We agree to avoid the use of toxic substances such as herbicides, pesticides, or other poisons.  Toxic materials such as petroleum products, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, etc.) shall be safely stored until removal to a recycling or hazardous waste disposal site.

Beautiful Views - We agree to be considerate of our neighbors' views, to keep our buildings in good repair, our properties sightly, and to limit the accumulation of junk, rubbish, or trash.  We also agree to participate in cleanup, reuse, and recycling activities.  We agree to limit the accumulation of junk vehicles.

Animals - We agree to limit the number of large animals on our properties.  No more than one horse, cattle or other large animal per 2 acres.  All animals shall be contained so as not to wander off their owner's property.  In regard to all animals, owners shall be responsible for taking steps to prevent their becoming a nuisance with regard to health & safety, noise, odor, or unsightliness.

Light - We agree to limit/shield nighttime lighting (spotlights, etc) to the minimum necessary for domestic and safety needs, being aware that the starry sky constitutes a beautiful view, that light carries over to neighbors, and that even low levels of light at night may impact health adversely.

Firearms - We agree that target shooting shall not be permitted at TerraSante, or within one mile (or more), as this constitutes a noise and safety hazard.

Road Maintenance - We agree to participate financially in a share of road maintenance activity.

Well Water - We agree to the protection of our watersheds and wells, to conserve water, and to cooperate in the well maintenance and equipment costs.  We are also committed to the creation of a solar / wind / battery backup to at least one of the wells in the event of an extended power outage.

Alternate Possibilities - We are agreed that part of the purpose of Terrasante Community is the freedom to experiment with alternative possibilities such as: building and architecture, solar and alternative energy, composting, recycling, land utilization (i.e. permaculture), cooperative ventures, communal lifestyle, sacred, spiritual, and healing practices.

Conflict Resolution - We are agreed to work with our neighbors in good faith toward the resolution of any conflict, exercising tolerance and positive intention, acting from an attitude of respect, and for the benefit of the greatest good.  In the event that neighbors cannot reach resolution of their own accord, we are each agreed to abide by a conflict resolution process mediated by the neighborhood association.